Overland Transport

NES’s fleet of Rolligons have been time-tested and terrain proven to move materials and supplies to remote locations across Alaska’s North Slope.  

NES operates the largest fleet of heavy haul ATV overland transport vehicles in North America. Our fleet of consists of Rolligons capable of hauling up between 55,000 and 100,000 pounds depending on configuration, low ground pressure ATVS (LATV) and Tucker Snow Cats. 

Rolligons are used to move freight across the North Slope, support remote exploration drilling projects, geotechnical drilling, fuel resupply, powerline cleaning and many other projects needing transportation across the tundra.

NES has permits in place with BLM, DNR, Fish and Wildlife and NSB to support your freight hauling needs.

Rig & Module Transportation

Well Cellar & Conductor Installation

Material and re-supply transportation

Plug and Abandonment Services

Fluids, Cuttings and Drill Mud transportation