Rig Moving and Oilfield Trucking

NES rig moving capabilities are unsurpassed in Alaska. Our newest fleet of equipment and our skilled rig movers are essential for a successful move.

From mobilization of camps, constructing ice roads & pads, to handling fluids and moving rigs, NES support all logistical aspects of drilling operations. Our specialty fleet of equipment can transport camps and rigs in field or to remote sites on time and within budget. When operators and explorers are ready to find oil, our rig moving equipment can safely move modules weighing over 500 Tons.

NES is the premier rig moving contractor on the North Slope with the only fleet of SOW Prime movers capable of efficiently moving large modular rigs on the North Slope. Our rig moving crews move anything from tractor trailer loads up the heaviest rig modules on the North Slope. This includes using double wide trailers to move large crawler cranes fully dressed and ready to work, as well as large specialty construction modules and equipment such as the new Slug Catcher at Alpine.

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