Welding Procedure Development

NES has experts on staff and third-party metallurgists that research and develop procedures for mild steel to high performance steels.

Welding holds modern industrial systems together. It is such an important part of all industries that it is usually overlooked as a critical aspect. At NES, we understand the complexity, the challenges, and the corrosion/environmental issues that can occur. We have the capability to assist our clients in multiple welding processes. We are experts in the process of developing welding procedures. Our welding services include many certified welders and a large selection of welding procedure specifications including Duplex Stainless Steel.


NES has experience using a wide range of Welding Standards and codes including:

ASME B31.1, B31.3 (American Society of Mechanical Engineers Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code)

ABS Rules for Materials and Welding (American Bureau of Shipping)

ISO 3834, 5817, 9606, 15609, 15614, NEN-EN (ISO Standards)

AMS-STD-1595 Military & Aircraft, AMS-STD-2219 (Military Standards)

AWS D1.1 to AWS D1.6, AWS D9.1, AWS D14.1, AWS D14.6, AWS D15 (American Welding Society)

API 1104 Petroleum Piping Standard (American Petroleum Institute)

ASME Section IX QW-193 and others (ASME Section IX, Pressure & Power Piping Code)

TÜV/PED 97/23/EC